31 Days of Praying for Your Husband Challenge

Hello, ladies, and Happy New Year!

For this blog, we thought that there could be no better way to usher in the New Year than with a challenge that is designed to help us as wives pray more consistently for our husband.

We are rolling out 2017 with the Women on the Fringe and End Times Mama’s 31 Days of Praying for Your Husband Challenge. Please join us!

The challenge consists of a prayer prompt every day of the month. We will be posting daily prompts until the end of January, and we will update this post with each prayer prompt so you can have them all in one place, if you’d like to start after January 1st. You can use our prompts as a guide, but feel free to add things that pertain specifically to any particular situation in your marriage that needs special prayers!

So often, we only pray when certain situations arise, but many of us have a hard time praying daily for those we care about. And our husbands should at the top of the list.

The goal is to be more consistent with prayer regarding our marriage and spouse. With this challenge, we hope to highlight the importance of daily prayer as well.

A quick note, before we begin. A lot of these prayers might be painful for some, especially if it is an area in which you haven’t seen growth in your husband or if he is not a believer. So bear in mind, the entire function of praying for him is to take your concerns to God, and not to him. Let it be your daily prayer not to become bitter or resentful, and also to trust in the Lord that He will do all things in His time. We might pray for something today that will happen in our husband’s lives in 5, 10, 15 years. God’s timing is always better than our own.

Pray with the full confidence that it is Our Heavenly Father that can inspire change in our husband’s heart, and no one else. You might find yourself praying for areas you need work on just as much, if not more so than your husband, so let the Spirit lead you through this prayer challenge to seeking His movement in your marriage, and turn all things over to Him completely.

Let’s begin!

Day 1: 

Pray the Lord gives your husband the desire to make his relationship with God and His Word a priority. Pray that he will bear godly fruit in his life as evidence and that he will be a man of wisdom and understanding, leadership, and compassion.

Day 2:

Pray that your husband would take his role as a leader seriously, and seek God’s guidance in this area. Pray that he would cast down worldly, modern ideas of gender roles and embrace his responsibility to you and your family.

Day 3:

Pray the Lord gives your husband the desire to choose healthy activities that honor Him. Pray he will not live in bondage to any questionable habits or hobbies, but that he will experience freedom in holiness as he yields to the Spirit.

Day 4: 

Pray that your husband would treat his body as a temple to the Lord. Pray that he would nourish and care for his body well, and feel convicted about bad habits that are detrimental to his health, and feel encouraged in the Spirit to make a change.

Day 5:

Pray the Lord guides your husband to handle family finances wisely. Pray that he will have discernment concerning investments and that money will not become a source of discord within your marriage.

Day 6:

Pray that your husband would produce fruit in the workplace. Whether he enjoys his job or struggles with it, pray that he would be the salt and the light in his career and that God would encourage him to be a diligent and committed worker and provider.

Day 7:

Pray the Lord enables your husband to grow in the spirit and to consider his accountability. Pray that he will guard his heart through spiritual discipline by setting time aside for Bible study and prayer.

Day 8:

Pray that your husband would make wise decisions concerning the church life of your family, and that you will have the grace to accept his leadership whether or not you agree with him. Pray that he can be discerning in choosing a sound church and keeping your house free of false teachings or doctrine.

Day 9:

Pray that your husband would have guidance from the Spirit in who he chooses to spend his time with. Pray he would be motivated to spend time with God-fearing men, who edify and encourage him in his faith, or that he would be the salt and light to his unbelieving friends.

Day 10:

Pray that your husband would respond with grace and patience when you are unkind or disrespectful to him. Pray that he can lead you even when you are in rebellion, in a way that gives glory to God and sets an example of strong leadership for your children.

Day 11:

Pray that your husband will to be faithful to his wedding vows. Pray that he will have the desire to put forth effort into your relationship as a sign of his commitment to you, and as a reflection of Christ’s love for the Church; that you both may glorify God in your marriage and testimony.

Day 12:

Pray the Lord gives your husband the will to safeguard his heart against inappropriate relationships with the opposite sex. Pray that his heart will be committed to you and by extension, God and His Will for your marriage.

Day 13:

Pray that your husband will be humble and quick to agree with the Lord about his sin; that he would take the appropriate steps necessary not remain in bondage. Pray that he will desire to follow the will of God in the way he lives his life and directs your family.

Day 14: 

Pray that your husband would be practical when making decisions for your family. Pray that he would be mindful of your welfare, making it a priority to rely on the Lord for instruction in the way that he leads and directs you.

Day 15: 

Pray that your husband would have good physical health. Pray that if he is ailing he would be healed or comforted by the Lord, and if he is in good health, that the Lord would continue to bless him with good physical strength.

Day 16:

Pray that your husband will be a man of prayer, much like you aim to be with this challenge. Pray that he will purposely seek and pursue God in quiet times, not only to ask but to reflect in thankfulness.

Day 17: 

Pray that your husband would have a healthy relationship with each of your parents, honoring them and also keeping their closeness to you and your marriage appropriate.

Day 18: 

Pray that God would reveal to you your husband’s best characteristics. Praise God for the way He made your husband, and pray that his finest features would produce fruit in his life.

Day 19:

Pray that your husband would seek God’s will in regards to family planning, whether expanding or limiting. Pray that he would seek to glorify God rather than please men with your family size.

Day 20:

Pray the Lord show your husband how important it is to practice forgiveness in your relationship and with others. Pray that God allows him the self-awareness to recognize any bitterness withinin his heart and to yield any resentment and unforgiving behavior to the Lord.

Day 21:

Pray that your husband would regard godly standards above worldly standards, in terms of success, manhood, marriage, and parenting. Pray that he would seek to please God and not man in all things.

Day 22:

Pray your husband would yield his mind and thoughts to the Lord. Pray that he will not entertain immoral or impure thoughts, and that he would resist the temptation to indulge in lustful behavior.

Day 23:

Pray that your husband will be a man of peace, that he would be patient with those in his life, whether they be apart of your family, a coworker or a someone he just met. Pray that he would be slow to anger and allow the Holy Spirit to control his responses in a way that brings God glory.

Day 24:

Pray that your husband would be Kingdom-minded, and thinking about your family’s spiritual survival as well as your physical survival. Pray that he would have a sober mind in relation to events of the future, prudently preparing your home as well as your spirits.

Day 25:

Pray that your husband does his best to be a servant of the Lord by sharing the Gospel and doing His work. Pray that he takes whatever opportunities the Lord presents him and is guided by the Holy Spirit in each.

Day 26: 

Pray that your husband’s heart is full of gratitude. Pray as well that you can set this example for him, serving him with a happy and grateful heart. Ask that the Lord fill him with a spirit of thankfulness and appreciation.

Day 27:

Pray that gratitude would fill your marriage. Today, instead of praying for your husband, thank the Lord for him.

Day 28:

Pray that your husband will learn to relax in the Lord and, in his greatest times of stress, find joy and peace in his relationship with God. Pray that he will submit his schedule to the Lord.

Day 29:

Pray that your husband would be a good example to your children, either those you have or those you hope to have, and that he can cultivate a love for Christ within their hearts with strong, loving leadership.

Day 30:

Pray that God will allow your husband to recognize the lies of the Enemy in his life. Pray that his attitude and every action will be guided by the Holy Spirit as he brings his heart into captivity to the Word of God.

Day 31: 

Pray that your husband will have peace, with God, with you, with your children, with his carrer, and with his extended family. Pray the the Holy Spirit will be active in his life, and be with him throughout his day, and in every aspect of his walk.


You did it! 31 days of praying for your husband. What was it like? We’d love to hear from you. Thank you so much for joining us on this important journey and remember, it doesn’t have to stop here! Keep praying for your husband, and thanking God for him.

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Jesus Would Have Flipped the Tables at the Vaccine Booth, and You Should Too

by Danielle Olson

Yes, today, Jesus would have had to file a religious or medical exemption if he expected to keep preaching in the U.S. Or maybe He would have just told the doctors what He really thought, as He did the Pharisees, and flipped some tables, so to speak.  I realize there were no vaccines in Jesus’ time, and that vaccines are very controversial, if not the most controversial topic in the U.S. today, but please, bear with me.

What’s the Big Deal About Vaccines Anyways?

We are told that vaccines saved us from preventable, unnecessary childhood illnesses and that they continue to save hundreds of thousands of lives per year. Let’s unpack these claims and come to our own assumptions to make the best decisions for our family. You likely have only heard about autism (“debunked!” cries the two studies by the CDC which are both being investigated for fraud) and thimerisol-a form of mercury still present in some vaccines. So let’s explore lesser known issues.

1. Their history is flawed and sinister.
Most regard the beginning of modern vaccination to Edward Jenner when he injected cowpox into people in hopes to prevent smallpox disease in 1796. However, those are two separate diseases in two separate mammals. The cowpox disease is limited to the mammary glands of cows, it is nowhere near the same viral profile of the human smallpox virus. Let’s also consider that Edward Jenner never went to medical school, he purchased his diploma. Without proper means of scientifically testing this assumption, Jenner still persuaded the government that not only did his vaccine work, but that it should be given to everyone. And the rest is history.
The more disturbing reality is that vaccination was a practice long before Jenner saw it as a money-making scheme. The earliest reference to inoculation was in the eleventh century, where Indians smeared small pox pustules onto themselves in hopes to appease the small pox god.  Ancient Chinese texts also explain the process of variolation, where the pus from a smallpox pustule was injected via  needle into another person. This spread throughout the area, and interestingly, was later banned by British government in 1803-4. In each of these ancient societies, it’s clear that the origin was to worship a certain god.

  1. The science of how they are purported to work is inaccurate.
    As you read above, vaccination was invented by non-medically trained man before we could properly test if antibodies were truly created. The idea was adopted as science, even though it was not proven. Immunology today does not study how the immune system functions, as the name would suggest. It studies vaccination. This begs the question, if we don’t understand how the immune system functions, how can we understand if vaccination works? Can we manipulate our immune system to accept a lab-created substance through an abnormal pathway – blood and muscular? The simple answer is no, we do not know. Obtaining a bacteria or virus through the blood or muscular system bypasses your body’s normal immune system, throwing the reaction off balance and leaving the body to truly question whether this substance is good or bad (hey, what’s an autoimmune disease and just why may we be seeing so many of them? Eh, couldn’t be this!). Virtually no further investigation has been given to the theory that vaccination – injecting a substance into one’s blood and muscular system to prompt the immune system to create lifelong antibodies – works. We do know, as evidence by outbreaks in the vaccinated and the need for “boosters,” that vaccines, if they do provide any immunity, only provide short term immunity for a number of years, leaving teens and adults, and the small babes they carry, susceptible to the diseases to which we think we are immune. You can easily tell by a titer test post vaccination if your body has created antibodies or not. Those who do, are usually entirely surprised to find that their rounds of vaccinations produced little to no antibodies to the diseases.

For years, we knew that the common childhood illnesses provided children’s bodies a chance to develop and grow, especially measles and chicken pox. Today, some of the most prestigious hospitals in the country are using measles to awaken the immune system to cure incurable cancers. There’s case after case of terminally ill cancer-diagnosed children who contracted measles, who upon their next oncologist check-up, found the cancer to of disappeared. Could it be that God knew what He was doing?

But what about herd immunity? Herd immunity was an idea based on natural immunity which is true lifelong immunity created by a proper immune and following antibody response to a natural virus. This idea cannot be translated to vaccines, which only provide temporary immunity, if any. Interestingly, the vaccines for the majority of the adult population have worn off since their childhood years, most adults are not up to date on their boosters, and in this generation, have not seen the natural disease. So really, we are all walking around without herd immunity now. Yes, close your blinds and lock your doors.

  1. Vaccines are not safe.
    As evidenced by the 1986 law which created total immunity (the only total immunity found in the vaccine equation) for pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. from lawsuit of injury from vaccines, vaccines do not hold a “one in a million” injury or reaction rate. To report a vaccine injury, your child’s injury or death must meet a certain set of criteria on a table to even be filed. To get an idea of how difficult this is, consider that epilepsy has recently been taken off of this table because it was so common, and we couldn’t afford all the claims (nice, right?). Since the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System and subsequent court has been created in 1988 following the law, the government has paid out over $3 billion dollars in claims with over 200,000 reports filed. Note that the CDC itself admits that the claims likely only represent 1-10% of the real adverse events.

Let’s do a little math here, shall we? Let’s assume the 200,00 reports are for all ages, even though we know they’re mostly children, so we should really account the population for a younger age. Using the entire population of the United States in 2014, and rounding up (see how nice I am to the vaccine establishment?), we arrive at a 6.27% reaction rate. Is that one in a million? Now, consider that this is only 1-10% of the true number.  Is this really such a small issue? Why would pharmaceutical companies need complete immunity from their product if it was safe? Would you ever purchase a car seat or car that cannot guarantee its safety, and you could not sue if they knowingly created such a product that was harmful? Didn’t think so.

A CDC Researcher by the name of Dr. William Thompson has admitted to fraud on the CDC’s kingpin study which they claim shows there is no connection between vaccines and autism. The admittance has been publicly stated by Bill Posey in Congress, yet no investigations have been done into the allegations. The researcher noted that thousands of documents, which were turned over to Congress and number of news outlets, were trashed showing a clear and dramatic reaction in African American boys.
Find out more here: http://healthimpactnews.com/2015/will-cdc-whistleblower-on-vaccines-testify-before-congress/Heavy metals can cause brain damage, so can a overimmune response. Vaccinations cause both of those. Autism is brain damage. What are you missing in this equation?

The current U.S. schedule as recommended by the CDC has never been scientifically proven for effectiveness nor safety. Pharmaceutical companies recommend that a vaccine be added to the schedule, and the CDC basically complies. Note that employees of the CDC and large pharmaceutical companies are virtually interchangeable [3]. You do well on the CDC by approving every vaccine that Merck suggests, you get a cushy retiree position on Merck’s payroll in a few years. There’s your science.

If you would like to review the reactions, including deaths, please do so here: https://vaers.hhs.gov/index

  1. The ingredients are not safe.
    If I were to tell anyone I was injecting mercury into my child today, CPS would be at my door in about 5 minutes. Yet, we are injecting unsafe amounts of mercury and other heavy metals into our children every time they are vaccinated. The flu vaccine has over 250 times the amount of mercury that the EPA considers a liquid “hazardous waste.” Aluminum is added to vaccines as an adjuvant to help spread and keep the substance in the body long enough for a hopeful immune response, and to help signal to our bodies that the substance is an invader.
    Many will say that hey, we eat tuna, so mercury is totally safe! Check your numbers, and also research how heavy metals are detoxed from your gastrointestinal system versus being injected into your muscular system and blood stream. Not the same thing.
    In addition to the heavy metals, serious antibiotics and other preservatives, including the surfactant polysorbate 80, which may allow the other ingredients binding to it to bypass your blood-brain barrier. For live viruses to remain alive, we must use a live medium. This is where eggs and other animal cells are used, as well as live aborted human fetal cells. More on that below.

There are also serious allergens in vaccines, including bovine serum (from cows), egg, peanut and milk. You will not likely know beforehand whether your 2 month old has a peanut allergy, creating a deadly reaction. Research shows that children vaccinated have a much higher chance of developing allergies, and it’s easy to understand that an allergy is an immune response, you may be able to follow the rabbit trail to how that allergy was acquired… (hint: it rhymes with snack-zine).

  1. There has never been a wide scale study of the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated.
    So, please explain to me how you can say vaccines keep us healthy?
    However, small scale studies have been done. In those studies, we see that unvaccinated children are 2-5 times depending on the exact illness, less likely to develop common chronic illnesses, which now plague 50% of children in the U.S. today.

Biblical Reasons to Not Vaccinate

So, you may be thinking it’s clear there’s some question as to if vaccines are safe and effective. But what does this have to do with following God? Surely God must want us all safe and healthy ready to do His work? I would say yes, and that’s why He would never condone vaccinating.

“The Greater Good”
Nowhere in the Bible does it say to sacrifice your physical body nor your faith, especially not to another belief system. You cannot use something evil to produce good. Period. Leviticus 18:21 tells us to never sacrifice our children to another God.

If you believe that God created your body, that He is perfect, that all of His creation, including your immune system is “good” as declared in Genesis, who are you worshipping when you inject yourself with a man-made chemical to appease your belief that you are improving upon His creation?

Is Your Body a Temple or a Garbage Dump?
Knowingly injecting ourselves with known harmful substances, including neurotoxins, is something than any being loved by God should recognize as sin.
Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought with a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.” 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
If you are a saved follower of Christ, you do not have the authority to choose to do evil to your body. You were bought with the hefty price of Christ’s blood, and He will not have you damage his beloved child.

We are also told in the Bible in both the Old (Genesis 9:2-4) and New  (Luke 13:1-5) Testament to not mix our blood with that of animals. We gloss over this, but since the Bible mentions blood close to 450 times, I think this is something important to God. Let’s look at a verse in Leviticus which shows what the blood of an animal or human is to God:

For the life of a creature is in the blood, and I have given it to you to make atonement for yourselves on the altar; it is the blood that makes atonement for one’s life.” Leviticus 17:11 

We know that Jesus’ blood is what atoned our sins on the cross. When we consume purposely another’s blood, especially the blood of a child sacrificed by abortion, are we taking on more than the physical blood? I will let you contemplate that with Jesus.

Do you believe in abortion?

Because if you have ever received the chickenpox vaccine, MMR,  hepatitis A, polio, combination polio, shingles and many others, you have injected yourself with aborted fetal tissue. There are a small number of aborted fetal cell lines used from the 1960’s, with more being isolated and developed for use in the U.S.; and these are listed on the vaccine’s packaging. What’s that little ditty in Exodus regarding “thou shalt not murder…? (Exodus 20:13)”

Does the Bible touch on Vaccines specifically?
Our modern word for pharmacy is derived from the Greek word, “pharmakeia.” This word is mentioned in Revelation 18:23 for how the evil one will delude all nations in the last days. It’s most literal meaning is sorcery. How many people are on pharmaceuticals today? Nearly all? Check. I am not sure the Bible could have made this any clearer.

Who do you trust?
This may be the most important reason to God to avoid all pharmaceuticals, including vaccines (and you know it’s a heavy hitter when I say it could be more important than abortion). When I was weighing all of this on my mind, I asked God what I should do. He didn’t argue the facts with me. He didn’t open my eyes to the intricacies of the immune system. He asked me a simple question, “Who do you fear, and Who do you trust?” The answer to these was not pretty. Obviously, I was fearing the world, my friends and family who may think my decision was a bad one. I was trusting the doctors, men of this world who are a sinner just as much as me, whose hearts have been turned from God to greed. Time and time again in the Bible, I can feel God’s heart breaking when we try to trust in our own powers, have faith in the things of this world, and turn away from Him. I’ve decided to trust God with my body, my health, my future and my soul. Perhaps no verse explains this better than Proverbs 3:5:

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”

I sincerely hope you evaluate the use of pharmaceuticals and vaccines and how they can delude your ability to worship and produce fruit for God.

Danielle Olson
Danielle was born and always will be a farm girl, searching for God’s natural truths in an unnatural world. She’s a doula, health coach, natural health activist, and currently obtaining her naturorthopathic degree. When she isn’t reading about holistic healing, you will likely find her chasing a sweet little boy or a small flock of rebellious chickens in the Midwest mud.

Follow her on her blog, Well You: https://wellyouwellness.wordpress.com/

Back to Basics: Food the Way God Intended It to Be

This post comes to us from Sarah Swanson, who is the sister of Sam over at God’s Property Radio, which hosts the spin-off podcast from this ministry, Families on the Fringe. She helps out with his ministry and, as a woman on the fringe, has been a great addition to our team. March is National Nutrition Month, so she wrote this post on natural, healthy, God-focused food to encourage us all to keep our temples clean! 

1 Corinthians 6: 19-20
“Do you not know that your bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

I’m a Registered Dietitian and I work for 2 rehabilitation facilities. We take care of people on a short-term basis who are recovering from illness or surgery. We also take care of people in the long-term setting, those who need skilled care to manage their diseases. I’ve seen many people come in at the end stages of diseases that could have been avoided by leading a better lifestyle, including eating a healthy diet.

But how do you do this? What defines a healthy diet? There’s so much information (and misinformation) out there that it can be difficult to figure out what this entails and how to achieve it. So let’s start with the basics – how to build a healthy plate.
Think back to grade school.  Who remembers the food pyramid – that big, somewhat cluttered pictogram that made recommendations of how many servings per day we should have of each food group?  Does anyone remember being confused by it?  I know I was.  Well, good news, it has since been replaced by My Plate.  Now, just like the food pyramid, My Plate is in fact part of a USDA program.  But it’s important to remember that just because the USDA is part of our corrupt government it doesn’t mean they don’t dole out worthwhile information once in awhile.  In the case of My Plate they do actually get the right message across: that we need to focus on what’s on our plate and think about eating balanced meals, not just eating a certain number of servings of each food group per day.

What I really love about this tool is that it focuses on your whole meal, not just the number of servings of each food group recommended per day. So if you visualize a plate, imagine dividing it in half (for those who would rather not have to visualize, I have posted the link to My Plate at the bottom). Now fill one half with non-starchy vegetables and/or fruits. Non-starchy vegetables are basically any vegetable except for potatoes, peas, squash, pumpkin, or corn. Now, take the other half of the plate and divide that in half. Fill one part with a starch – this is where you can put your starchy veggies – or else some grains like rice or couscous. Fill the other part with a protein, which includes foods like meat, fish, eggs, & beans. Now, obviously this model doesn’t work perfectly when it comes to combination foods like pastas or casseroles, but if you keep that visual in your head you begin to focus on eating a good portion of non-starchy, nutrient-dense fruits and veggies and a more moderate portion of starches & protein in lieu of the other way around – which is how most people in the US tend to eat.

OK, so now that we know how to build a healthy plate, let’s focus specifically on foods to fill it up with and foods that should make it on there less often. I’m talking about processed foods versus whole foods. Now, technically speaking, almost all foods that you buy at the store are processed in some way. What you want to think about is the degree of processing that has occurred. There are whole foods, minimally processed foods, and highly processed foods. There are also foods that are somewhere in between minimally and highly processed.

So an example of a whole food would be an apple, completely intact. An example of it in its minimally processed form would be a container of fresh, pre-chopped apples. It has been processed because it has been cored and chopped, though it’s still in its raw state. It still contains all of the edible components of the apple so you are getting the full nutritional benefit of it. These kinds of convenience items are helpful for many people who don’t have a lot of time. They are a great, quick way to get fresh produce in your diet. The next step in processing would be a jar of applesauce – the apples have been peeled, cored, cooked, and mashed. It contains only the inside of the apple; the skin, which has most of the fiber and a good amount of other nutrients, has been removed. An apple in its highest form of processing would be apple juice. Obviously only the juice of the apple is in this product, so the fiber and many of the other nutrients are missing from this product.
Hopefully from this example you see that the more a food is processed, the more its natural nutrients are removed from it. More highly processed items also tend to have more added sugars, salt, calories, preservatives, and utterly unpronounceable ingredients in them. Apple juice, for example, generally has added sugar in it, thus it contains more calories than a whole apple. And often, nutrients like vitamin C and potassium have to be added back to juice since the processing removes the natural nutrients. Now, I’m not trying to say that you should never drink apple juice or eat any of these more highly processed foods. I’m simply saying that you should focus on eating more of the whole and minimally processed foods and less of the highly processed ones. They provide a bounty of nutrients and fiber that your body needs, and they tend to have way less calories and added ingredients that your body doesn’t need, so they help keep your body working at peak performance.

The bottom line is, God created us, and He gave us what we need to stay healthy. Moreover, He WANTS us to keep our bodies healthy. Didn’t He spend a great deal of time telling the Israelites what foods they should and should not eat in the book of Leviticus? I think it’s pretty clear that He cares about what we are consuming. So let’s get back to the basics and consume the things that He has provided for us and intended for us to eat!

1 Corinthians 10:31
“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”


Addressing Porn Addiction: A Testimony

This post is the first from one of our new writers, Ebbie. We are so blessed to have her and admire her courage and faith in regards to this topic. 

This post going to talk about a very uncomfortable topic: pornography addiction. It’s something that many in the church won’t talk about, but it is something that needs to be openly discussed that women are also suffering from porn addiction. Many still see porn as a male issue and for this reason they are often ashamed to admit they deal with these temptations, and suffer alone in silence. As the church we must be addressing this. Studies suggest that as many as 1 in 3 women engage in the watching of pornography daily for at least an half-hour. Along with this statistic, it has been recorded in various Nielson surveys, that 1 in 3 visitors of sexually explicit websites are in fact female. It is clear that this is not, in fact, just a male issue.

I would like to share my own personal testimony of porn and sexual addiction. It is a journey from compulsive sin to healing, freedom and forgiveness in Christ. I would like this to serve as a conversation starter for the church to help women that are perhaps where I have been.

It all began when I was around 9 years old. I was a little girl who lived in a nice upper middle class neighborhood, in a loving two-parent home. With all this privilege and opportunity, I still found myself dealing with a sex and porn addiction that lasted years. It’s hard for me to pin point the exact catalyst that lead to my curiosity in sexuality, porn and the opposite sex. I remember it being lots of little things that combined sending me down a dark road of lust and depravity.  I remember sneaking around the corner in the living room to see what my parent was looking at on their laptop. I would see explicit images of women and sex and it aroused my curiosity. Later on I found out that there was a stash of dirty movies in my basement and I would sneak into them and watch them because my curiosity was getting more and more intense. I was so interested in these images and while I would always tell myself that “this would be the last time”, it never truly was I always came back. Eventually, once a week became nightly and by this time I had begun compulsively masturbating, this with the porn was like a drug to me, I HAD to have it.

A few years down the road I was around 12 and my sexual curiosity turned into a full blown obsession. I thought about sex all the time and watched porn on at least 2-3 times a day and masturbated just as much.  I had managed to keep my activities hidden, to everyone around me I was a sweet innocent and mousy girl who cried a lot and got good grades. On the inside I was dying, I was being held prisoner, but I didn’t want to leave my cell because I enjoyed it.

It wasn’t until later in life that I realized the devastating aftermath that porn had, had on my mental and spiritual health.  In my teen years, I really saw what my porn addiction had truly done to me. I didn’t have a healthy concept of a normal relationship. I saw immoral sexual behavior as the most normal behavior between men and women. In my mind that was the only way to interact with the opposite sex and I struggled to figure out that it was not only harmful to me but also my relationship with God.  In college this addiction really came to an ugly head, as I had begun physically indulging my interests and desires. I slept around carelessly and couldn’t seem to stop myself, I fell into a deep and crushing depression that seemed endless and thought that there was no hope of forgiveness or any kind of relationship with God. In my mind I thought that God wouldn’t want anything to do with my anymore.

It was my encounter with the organization Campus Crusaders (CRU) that led me back to Jesus. They reminded me that God still loved me and that Jesus’ free gift of salvation was still available to me. It was then that I knew I could get out from this ugly addiction, and that He would help me.

It wasn’t until a year ago that I truly experienced freedom from this bondage. Once I understood that it was deadly, I was able to confess, repent and work towards being healed from the many years of addiction. I must stress the role of God and my relationship with Him in this process; it was only by Him and His Holy Spirit that I was ever even able to see my way out of this dark path.  He helped me to sincerely repent and turn from it, and it has now been over a year that I’ve been PORN FREE!

My dear sister in Christ, if you are dealing with these temptations, just know one thing: You can overcome! There is ultimate freedom in Christ from this sin!  I am going to offer some tips that helped me while was still in this process:

  1. Repent and Confess! 1 John 1:9, James 5:16

Confessing that you struggle with watching porn to God and your fellow sisters will not only bring healing but will also give you someone to be accountable which is SO helpful.

  1. Go back to the beginning, once I really dug into my past and remembered why I started watching porn in the first place, I was able to pray through some of those past demons and really ask God to help me overcome the roots of the issue.
  2. Start cutting of hands and plucking eyes! Matthew 5:29, Matthew 18:8  It was in these passages that I realized that I had to be absolutely vigilant and ruthless with my flesh in order to overcome this struggle. I would give up my laptop after certain time of night. I pinpointed when I was most tempted and sought activities to occupy me to keep me from being tempted to look at those images.  Be proactive!
  3. STAY in the word and in Prayer daily 1 Thessalonians 5:17, 2 Timothy 3:16 This the most important step. Arming yourself in God’s unchanging and powerful word will help you to fight your flesh and win. Praying is the perfect form of escape when feeling tempted, ask God to help you when you feel like caving, it can do wonders!

In all of these things it’s important to remember that you can be victorious through the power of the Holy Spirit! Keep fighting sisters! Below are some resources for you to check out if you happen to struggle with pornography, feel free to reach out to myself and other sisters in Christ for help, prayer, and support in this fight.

​My name is Ebbie and I’m from Wisconsin! I’m a 21 year old that loves singing, writing, and spending time with my family! Feel free to reach out to me with questions, for advice, or if you just want to pray!​

Resources :

Dirty Girl Ministries


Covenant Eyes

Setting Captives Free





Women on the Fringe: Calling All Fringy Women!

Hey everyone!

It has been many months since our last update and things have changed quite a bit around here. Two sisters and I started this site early last year to try to bring together and speak for fringy Christian women everywhere-truthers, conspiracy realists, crunchy ladies and alternative mamas. We got going strong but hit some bumps in the road, and ended up putting the ministry on hold for some time.

But now, Women on the Fringe is relaunching, with the same fringy ambitions and values-but a new plan.

It was always my vision to have a ministry that brought like-minded women together and gave them a voice and a forum, and that is exactly what we intend to do here. I have been reaching out to all the talented, intelligent and creative women I know to offer them the opportunity to write for this blog, as often as they like.

So, I would like to extend that opportunity to all of you.

The new vision for Women on the Fringe is to be a place for other women in this realm to share what they are doing. Either as regular, semi-regular or one-time contributors to this blog, to have their blogs or multimedia work be featured on this site and the Facebook page either as a reblog or a short post about new work, or both. If you are interested or have suggestions for women I should consider, or if you are not a writer or commentator but would like to get involved otherwise, please contact us here.

I am still working on getting everything set up so obviously none of this has happened yet, but we do have some material scheduled for this month from some wonderful and talented women that I am sure you will enjoy. You will also see this page is a bit basic, I am still working on setting up some pages to direct you to other amazing women’s ministries, information on our contributors, and for prayer requests:

Something else we will be starting is a segment on my new End Times Mama podcast for Women on the Fringe. I will be featuring, among other things, regular visits with our official prayer warrior, Kelsey, to discuss prayer requests we have received and have her lead us in prayer for the ministry and other issues affecting our community and the body as a whole. Please let me know if you have any requests!

Thanks for following our little ministry this year and making it what it has become today. This is for you, and now I hope it will be by you as well! God bless, fringy chicks!

An Open Letter to the Wife of a Conspiracy-Obsessed Husband

This post originally appeared on End Times Mama. Read the original post on conspiracy-obsessed husbands here. 

To the wife of a conspiracy-obsessed husband,

I know you. I’ve been there. I feel your pain. You try to go about your daily life, focusing on the positive, the future, while your husband plans out his doomsday bunker and watches an endless stream of YouTube videos on FEMA camps and Agenda 21 depopulation efforts.

You try to reason with him, tell him focusing on the negative and on fear is probably what the elite want. You want to talk about normal things, about your kids or your social life or what’s going on in your community.

You want a husband who cheers you up, not gives you more reasons to be afraid in this dying world. You wish your husband gave you hope for the future, not fear of it. You worry he’s too obsessed, that it is consuming him, eating him up. You worry he’s not providing for the family the way he ought to, but preparing for something that might never happen. Why spend all the time and energy on a doomsday bunker if it never comes? It seems he doesn’t have his priorities straight. That he should be focusing on the present.

I understand. I was there once. I was afraid for my husband, worried he wasn’t thinking clearly. I wished he would change.

But then…then I started listening to him. Slowly at first. I peeked into the rabbit hole, and I started to understand him. And I realized he was on to something. I realized why he was so concerned. I saw the dots connectedI’m not even sure why, I guess I was just tired of not understanding him. I guess deep down, what scared me as that what he was saying might be true. And there was suddenly no turning back. It slowly occurred to me he was actually leading our family, not ignoring it.

Do you know that your husband is the leader of your family, and probably takes his job more seriously than you give him credit for? It may seem like he’s absent, obsessed, ignoring your needs and that of your children. It may seem he’s not leading your family well, but chasing after whims and pointless theories.

But men aren’t like us. Men want to figure out how things work, and your husband has figured something out that most people don’t realize. Thatthere are forces in this world that are seeking to destroy your way of life, to take away your children’s future, to turn you away from your Lord and Savior.

Your husband may truly be governed by fear, but this means he needs your prayers, not your nagging. He may not be trusting in the Lord, but that means that you need to. But I will tell you this:

Your husband is obsessed with these things because he wants to protect you and his family. 

And whether he is misguided in his efforts or not, you need to recognize he has his own way of loving you and providing for you and needs your support, no matter what. 

If he wants to buy canned foods and survival gear, it is because he wants his family to survive whatever disaster may befall you. If he is obsessed with exposing conspiracy it is because he wants to try to beat the powers that be, on some level, even if it only means being wise to their devices.

Or again, maybe he’s just obsessed, and its very dark and has a hold on him. If that is the case, you need to pray for him. You need to support him. You need to lift him up to the Lord and wage warfare with the spirit of fear that is not of God. Rather, He gives us power, love and sound mind. If you have that and your husband lacks it, use it. Don’t nag, don’t belittle what he’s doing, don’t treat him like a bad husband. Love suffers long and is kind. You may be the only person in your husband’s life who will stick with him through his dark hour. Be there for him. Be kind to him.

Whatever the case, I’m telling you this not because I am myself obsessed with conspiracy theories, but because once I started paying attention to what my husband was talking about my fear was washed away with the blood. I know it seems counter-intuitive and not everyone has to learn all about conspiracies to be washed in the blood or saved from fear. But it is the way it happened to me, and I know it’s a result of taking that plunge into my husband’s world and taking his concerns seriously. Facing my fear was the first step towards being free from it.

Is it possible you might be the one who is afraid? Perhaps do you not listen because the things he is discussing scare you? I know that was the case for me. I didn’t want to face the amount of power Satan had on this earth to influence world leaders.

But somehow, learning about the power he does have taught me more about Who truly holds the power and where to put my faith: in He who has victory over all those forces of darkness that rely on fear and evil to further their cause. Our battle as Christians is not with flesh and blood. It’s not with ISIS, its not with terrorists disguised as refugees, it’s not even with international bankers or UN depopulation efforts. It’s with the spiritual powers that influence these things and we have power in prayer and in the blood of the lamb to overcome the spirit of fear in our lives.

So before you try to change your husband, look to yourself to see if you need changing first. Even if that just means changing the way you react to his interests and obsessions. Even if that means just praying for him and listening with clenched teeth to something that doesn’t interest you or makes you afraid.

He honestly might be dying for the day when you are interested in the things he’s very proud of himself for figuring out. He might have been trying to impress you this whole time. Men’s egos are more sensitive than they usually let on. Let him know you appreciate his ability to do his own research and think for himself. I have learned this is a wonderful characteristic in a spiritual leader.

But most of all, trust in the Lord as your eternal husband, and trust in Him to guide your earthly husband towards a godly way of leadership.You might be surprised at the results.

And in fact, you might end up with more in common with your husband than you imagined possible.

Would that really be such a bad thing?

Note: one of the reasons I started this blog was to help women better understand the conspiracy/truther/fringe Christian realm, especially if their husbands are the ones trying to teach them. To speak to the issues that concern women when our paradigms start to shift, as a woman. If you are struggling in this area or need prayer in any way, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me, either by contacting me here or via social media. God bless! 

Women on the Fringe June Update


Hey Fringies!
Isa, aka End Times Mama here. Just wanted to give you all a little peek into what’s been going on behind the scenes here at Women on the Fringe!

First of all, we’d like to thank all of you, our amazing supporters and sisters (and brothers) in Christ. We have grown so quickly in such a short time and we owe it to all of you. The response has been amazing. Amy and I felt for some time there was a need for women like us to be connected, informed and represented online, and you have shown us that the Sprit was with us in our ambitions to create this ministry. Please pray for us that He can use us to minister to women on the fringe of society and Christianity.

Our lovely Amy has been on vacation in California for the last week having an amazing time in fellowship and evangelism, so for the time being a number of our projects have been put on hold. So if you’ve noticed it’s been quiet around here thats part of the reason why. As for myself, being the mother of two small children and living country life, time slips away quickly. So I have not had as much time to devote to writing as I would like. But we have much in store, I assure you! Some things to look forward to:

Natural Beauty Resources
Some of you may have seen our last post, “Cosmetics and Depopulation” which entertained the idea that chemicals in cosmetics are all part of the NWO depopulation agenda. It inevitably raised the question, however, what cosmetics are safe to use? I am still in the process of working on a follow-up answering this question, although it has occurred to me I’d really like to create a larger collection of resources for this project. So in the next week or so we are going to be fleshing out our Pinterest account along with a board or two dedicated to both DIY makeup and cosmetics, and natural makeup and personal hygiene companies that are trustworthy. I think I will also be starting a series for our blog on different aspects of natural heath and personal care from a faith-based and truth-seeking perspective.

That’s right! We will soon be starting our very own podcast! The fringe Christian world is full of amazing podcasts, but we aim to create the first fringe Christian podcast entirely for women, by women, on subjects that concern women. It’s been in the making for some time so please pray it can be edifying once our first episode is completed.

Amy and I both adore designing memes for our page, as you might have noticed, and we’ve decided to translate our passion for design  to the physical realm and make stickers for Fringies to display in “real life” to express our unique truth-focused Christian worldview. We pray that they can create witness and truth-sharing opportunities.

More Truthiness!
Please pray for us as we continue to address and research topics we feel need to be addressed. We have upcoming blogs on the emergent church, covert new age Facebook pages, yoga in the schools, the vaccine debate, childbirth in prophesy, more on Facebook etiquette for Christian women, divorce and remarriage, sexuality and transhumanism and much, much more. Please pray for us as we tackle these projects!

Thanks again Fringies for all your support! In Christ,


Cosmetics and Depopulation


I came across this Buzzfeed video on my news feed this morning, and it just confirms the notion I’ve had for awhile now that all mainstream cosmetics and hygiene products are nothing more than pure poison. I first started noticing when I stopped using any, opting for single-ingredient, homemade cosmetics. When I go out in public now or even when my neighbor leaves her apartment, I can smell other people’s perfume, deodorant, shampoo, laundry detergent and soap like they just bathed in a vat of it.

The video explains how there are no laws regulating the chemicals that go into cosmetics, and this is true. According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetic’s website, “Cosmetic products and ingredients are not subject to FDA premarket approval authority, with the exception of color additives.” That leaves formaldehyde, lead, ethylene oxide and others completely unchecked. There are also no laws whatsoever regulating what gets called “natural” or “not tested on animals”. Don’t be tricked just because something boasts to be free of one thing, is often just a clever way to trick you in to assuming there’s nothing else harmful in it.

The thing about cosmetics is they are just like the other major killers of our day: tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceutical medication, and junk food. They are advertised like crazy, often sought after and indulged in for emotional reasons, and dependency-inducing. Not to mention they are all produced by corporations owned by the richest people on the planet. And these people would like to depopulate said planet.

To illustrate this incestuous corporate scheme, consider this. Proctor & Gamble is the largest cosmetic corporation in the world. It’s Board of Directors includes those with ties to the Department of Defense, American Express, Kraft, Boeing, Hewlett Packard, Xerox and Lockheed Martin. L’Oréal, the second-largest cosmetic brand, Board of Directors’ ties are with Exxon Mobile, Credité Suissé Group, HSBC France, Citigroup France, Merck, Nestle and Bosch.

If these companies don’t mean anything to you yet, I suggest you look into the Bilderberg group and the potential role it is playing in global depopulation efforts. You shouldn’t have to look far. This is a chart of the tightly woven web between the Bilderberg group members and the companies they own. You can clearly see that Revlon, Estee Lauder and Unilever pretty closely connected to the core members, as well as many of the companies listed above.

These are the owners and operators of the world’s largest commercial killers. The cause of cancer is often difficult to determine, but you don’t have to be a scientist to see that cancer has a direct correlation to consumerism. Cosmetics are just like tobacco, alcohol, junk food and many pharmaceutical medications: they all slowly poison you while offering quick fixes and fleeting feelings of pleasure and satisfaction or momentary effectiveness.

The Book of Enoch states that the fallen angel Azazel taught men “…the art of making up eyes and of beautifying the eyelids” (8:1). Just something to consider.

I’m not trying to harsh on anyone who wears makeup, rather, to warn you: you are putting tons of incredible harmful chemicals into your body and your environment daily. I believe in Grace and that wearinf makeup is not going to damn us to hell. I want to warn women who buy these products for the same reason I want to warn people who eat junk food or smoke cigarettes: because these products will kill you. Along with everything else in this industrial-era-on-crack we live in, with the availability of cheap cosmetics the cancer rates.

We are constantly bombarded with images of beautiful, sexy, digitally-enhanced-to-the-point-of-impossibly-perfect women so that we will constantly feel the need to push ourselves further to look different from how we are. We all want to be beautiful and desirable, and our whole media culture constantly reminds us that we’re not anywhere near perfect-looking so we just keep buying the products that claim to achieve that unobtainable look.

The New World Order psychopaths are trying to compromise the integrity of the human immune system in every way possible, and they’re doing a fantastic job. Satan is constantly trying to compromise the integrity of God’s design and that includes each individual beautiful face as well as each individual soul. Stop trying to look different than He made you. Satan wants you to think you need to look different than God made you. And his earthly workers in the Bilderberg group are trying to capitalize on that temptation so that you’ll happily dish out money to pay for your own slow poisoning.

So stop giving them your money. I do not believe we need to fight to prevent the New World Order but you can protect yourself from this aspect of it. Like I said I do not consider makeup in and of itself to be harmful spiritually, but conventional commercial makeup is definitely harmful physically, by design. And like anything, it’s the spirit with which you do it that matters, and if you’re convinced that you need it rather than just enjoy it, that’s exactly what the peddlers of commercial cosmetics want you to think. You are beautiful the way God made you, and there are trustworthy natural companies and many natural methods of making makeup or personal hygiene products that harness the amazing power of God’s creation. I’ll be working on a follow-up piece on this subject so stay tuned.

Until then, just remember that our battle is not against flesh and blood, but that there are many very wealthy people who are battling against our flesh and blood. Do yourself a favor and ditch the commercial makeup!

Entrusting Family Size to God


This is a special guest post from our friend, Shannon, who wanted to share her experiences of trying to limit family size only to find later called to have more children. We feel her perspective is a very important one to consider in the discussion of faith-based family planning.

Presently, I’m aware of how prevalent it’s become for couples to limit the number of children they have. My husband and I were one of those couples. I have to say, this was not something my parents taught me to do, as they had 5 kids of their own.

No, my notion to stop at 2 kids was, to me, a door to freedom. It was initially my idea at the time, and I can recall telling my husband, “We’ll have more money, be able to travel, and by the time we’re 40, the kids will be grown.” I had other motives too: selfishness, laziness, and feeling inadequate as a mother, to name just a few.

Now, I’m not assuming that every couple who’s stopped at 2 or 3 children is thinking the way I was. I understand circumstances arising that make child-bearing and rearing very difficult, and even physically risky for some. This was not the case with my husband and I. Here we were in our mid-twenties hastily driving him to a FL doctor for a vasectomy. Oh how Satan deceives! That surgery was cake. A $300 procedure. Easy peasy.

Funny how wrong choices are a breeze to make.

Fast forward several years later, and my womb starts groaning, my clock ticking, and the heavy realization sets in: “You won’t ever have a baby again.” In the years since my husband’s vasectomy, God had opened my eyes concerning our decision to limit our family-size. Scripture came to mind……Genesis 1:22, “……Be fruitful and multiply….” and Psalms 127:3, “Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is His reward.

Why were were not obeying God? Why were we not viewing children as a reward? And, truthfully, I couldn’t find any scripture telling couples to not have children, or to alter their bodies, whether it be chemical or surgical so as not to have more kids.

I felt cheated and ensnared. What a trap this had become. Oh, and we had yet to find that level of financial stability, and freedom I had imagined we’d have if we’d just stop at 2. We hadn’t become world travelers, either. What I did gain was more self-absorption, and too much idle time, because once two babies grow up, you’re not as busy, (at least I wasn’t).

One day while cooking, I realized too that it’s actually easier to prepare meals for more people, and the food gets eaten. Instead, no matter how hard I tried to plan for the 4 of us, we’d end up tossing a lot of leftovers. As I’d scrape food into the trash, I got to think about how if we’d had more children this wouldn’t be going to waste.

Consequences. They’re so fun, and you don’t get to choose them. Plus, they’re always worse than what you thought they might be. I was also aware of an eerie quietness in our home, and a loneliness my children had. They would’ve loved having younger siblings.

So, here I was with a changed heart, and a fresh outlook of the family unit from God’s perspective. At first, my husband wasn’t so sure, but slowly came to recognize what I had learned. Unfortunately, it always costs more to do the right thing, and we had to save awhile for a vasectomy reversal. A few generous people helped us bear that burden financially; we are so thankful for their kindness. My husband had the reversal May 10, 2013.

We can’t erase the poor choice we made years before, but God is gracious and can give beauty for ashes. My prayer is He uses our testimony to encourage couples to entrust their family-size to Him. ~SLR

The Spirit Behind the Seductive Selfie


A couple weeks ago, a brother in the Lord reached out to me about a growing problem within our little online ecclesia. He asked if I wouldn’t mind rebuking some of the females who professed Christ yet continued to snap and share “sexy selfies”. I had just been praying to God about what subject to write about next, so I felt his request was right on time since I was becoming increasingly burdened by this growing phenomenon myself.

Before I continue, I want everybody to know right off the bat that I do not think I’m better than anyone here. When I shared my plans to tackle this subject and asked if there was anything the community wanted to contribute, many misunderstood me and began to attack my motives saying things like “burka burka” and “isn’t your profile pic a selfie?”

I am not against a woman taking a selfie! I love to take selfies with my baby sister, my dogs, or to give an updated face to my friends and family from around the world. I am talking about the spirit behind the selfie. That is what I am addressing here. So please let that be known before I proceed.

When taking and sharing a selfie, I believe it’s important to ask ourselves, “What is the heart’s motivation behind this?” Do we desire a man to “want” us? To desire us? To affirm us? The reason I ask this is because I know all about those futile longings and misguided emotions. Back in my worldly days, the “selfie” craze wasn’t around, so I simply dressed up scantily and went to the bars and clubs in search of physical “hits” and “likes”..

It was like a drug that never satisfied though. The whole act itself was a ritual. From playing the perfect playlist while getting ready, to spending hours in the mirror applying the sultry smokey eye and trying on clothes – until finally stepping on the scene as I would scan the room for some stranger to acknowledge my wounded soul and attempt to make me feel beautiful.

It was through those hard times that I have come to learn that we should never give our feelings of self worth to anybody – whether they be online or in person. And not only that, if we be in Christ, He is who we seek to please. Is it really pleasing to God when we spend hours grooming the flesh, taking an endless stream of photos to master the right angle and then posting it in hopes of receiving lots of likes and compliments from the opposite sex?

Not only that, but are we creating an occasion to stumble our dear brothers in the Lord who have repeatedly asked these women to stop with the seductive stares and “come hither” selfies that remind them more of their past struggles with porn rather than their new life in Christ?

I was told by several brothers that when they have tried to respond biblically and rebuke a stumble-some sister, they are met with hostility, defense and a swift “thou shall not judge” comeback. I, myself, was sad to see so many women on the thread wanting to defer blame to the men and say it’s not our responsibility as woman for how they “look at us!” I find that logic so unloving.

Even the purest brothers in the Lord are hard wired with certain natural tendencies we as females could never fully know or understand. Yes, we are all accountable to God for taking our thoughts captive to Christ, but are we not commanded in scripture to esteem one another as better than ourselves? If our brothers are crying out for help, should we not listen?

Does it really give honor to the two greatest commandments Jesus set forth (to love God above everything and to love our neighbor as ourselves) when we defend something as frivolous and fleshly as revealing clothes and seductive snapshots? I understand the war against the flesh is no easy feat, but again, I must reiterate that we are commanded in scripture to crucify the flesh and its lusts thereof and not to set an occasion for stumbling toward those in the household of faith.

If we want to be married to a godly man, we must become godly women. A man with an eye for sensuality isn’t someone we should be excited about enticing, because who is to say he won’t continue to struggle with that long after the wedding bells stop ringing? Single woman of God who desire marriage should wait on God to deliver a man that is so rooted in holiness and truth that the very thought of being stimulated by a fleshly female drives him to his knees.

And let us not forget what Jesus said. “Ye have heard that it was said by them of old time, Thou shalt not commit adultery: But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.” That is a pretty radical word from our Savior which is why I take this subject so seriously. We as woman of God should do everything in our power to keep our brothers from sinful lusts that wage war against the soul.

A good rule of thumb I ask myself before posting a picture: would I send this same picture to my earthly brother? My earthly father? If not, then it’s not appropriate for my Heavenly Father and my Spiritual brothers. Sisters, please ask yourself this same question before sharing your next selfie.

And just to be clear: this is not about garments. I am not giving you a list by which to measure your skirt hems. I am simply imploring all the females to seek out a modest heart of love that doesn’t seek its own ways but rather those that bring glory and honor to God above the latest fashion trends or attention traps.

And I also want to point out that I am aware that this all goes so much deeper than a simple selfie. From absentee father issues, to feelings of worthlessness and insecurity, to the systematic programming and normalization of women to use their bodies to entice and lure men for attention and affirmation in a sexually saturated world – this is a HUGE web of dysfunction that only God can unwrap and redeem.

But as daughters of God, we are not left as orphans to fend and figure this out for ourselves. He takes us where we are. He washes away the lies, the deception, the hurt, and the incessant longing for male attention that never satisfies. He alone completes and fulfills that ever aching heart. He fills us with everything we’ve been looking for. The instant we come to Him!

I beg you, precious sisters, allow God to be that for you! He has rescued me from the sexual snares of the enemy. He has redeemed me. I have traded my leather tube dresses and spray on skinny jeans for a robe of righteousness. He didn’t give me back a brown potato sack or burka in exchange. He gave me back a new heart that seeks to wear clothing that reflects that. Now my smile says, “New creation!” as opposed to “Look at ME!”

No longer do I care for men to lust after me. That is not power. That is slavery. And we are called to leave Egypt and follow God into the Promised Land – not crane our neck or ask to hold onto old trinkets and sequin mini skirts. Leave that faulty way of thinking behind, for it only brings forth death.

We are new creations. Let us embrace who we are in Christ and allow Him to become involved in every detail of our lives – including the type of clothes we wear and how we wear them. And let’s face it: even a turtle neck and long skirt cannot cover up a seductive spirit. We are talking about something so much deeper than articles of fabric here, ladies!

The Word of God says, “Your adornment must not be merely external—braiding the hair, and wearing gold jewelry, or putting on dresses; but let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the imperishable quality of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is precious in the sight of God.” (1 Peter 3:3-4)

That doesn’t mean you can’t adorn yourself or comb your hair. It simply means that is not where your true beauty should come from. It should come from your spirit! A spirit that is rooted in purity and holiness – which is absolutely gorgeous to the eyes of an authentic man of God and even more precious to the One who created us in His very image.

Instead of seeking fleeting feelings of attention and excitement from posting seductive selfies, let’s model our lives after an eternal truth that carries infinite amounts of likes from the One we should be aiming to please in the first place:

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting: but a woman that fears the LORD shall be praised.”